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Mentor Teacher Brother INC.

Mentor Teacher Brother believes that the best lessons come from experience. Consequently, we pair our mentees with members of the community who have already passed the trials of youth. We believe every person has something to offer. If you have a talent for mentorship or simply want to give it a try, click the icon below.

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MTB Minority Leadership Group

MTB Minority Leadership Group is a mentorship program for male junior and senior high school students where they are paired with college students. These mentors assist with the application process and offer their own perspective on college life. Mentees are able to experience college life through ongoing interaction with their mentors. Mentors meet with their mentees weekly, facilitate weekly study groups, and engage in social activities with them. This program also includes annual college tours.


Local High Schools

Local Universities, Colleges, and 2 year Colleges

Local Community Youth Centers


Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. is looking for mature, dedicated college students who want to make a difference in the lives of young men. Applicants must be willing to meet with their mentee at least twice a week, have regular weekly contact, and participate in group mentoring projects. In addition,  mentors must assist in planning, organizing, and implementing youth development related programming aimed at helping young men get the right start in life.  If you are a college student who is interested in becoming a mentor, click the icon below. We will provide you with support and technical assistance.

Mentor Teacher Brother Inc.

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