Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc.


The MTB Center is a one of a kind Youth Center that focuses specifically on helping young men get the right start in life through weekly meetings, academic support, life counseling, guest speaker presentations, and fellowship events.  The belief that “Every individuals’ purpose in life is to benefit another individual”, is widely shared among the mentors of Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. We also believe that our programs have made an impact on the young men whom we have encountered. For instance, our weekly group mentoring meetings have provided a safe consistent environment for mentees to engage in recreational activities as well as weekly “check-ins” to discuss issues of the day. One outcome that we have enjoyed is consistent participation from its members. What this tells us is that these mentees have grown to utilize this opportunity to discuss whatever challenges they have experienced. It is an expectation of the group members to provide feedback and support to other members and the meetings are facilitated by the members and qualified mentors.

The Building of the MTB Center

We took one on one and group mentoring programs one step further in that, we developed partnerships within the community to assist with identifying resources, action strategies to combat those negative influences – such as drugs and gangs that plague individuals and families. For instance, in 2010, Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. purchased its first building from the bank and began construction on a two story abandoned building.

College students, alumni, professionals, and corporate supporters collectively came together to secure the construction cost and operational expenses for the completion of the MTB Center. Special thanks to the Jones Day Law Foundation and Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. for their financial and in-kind support. The purchase and construction of the MTB Center made it possible for us to advance our mission in helping young men get the right start in life.