MTB also hosts an acclaimed pipeline program, called the Don Hubert Scholars Program. Each year, this program exposes nearly 150 young men to the legal profession through a three round mock-trial competition at law firms in downtown Chicago.  In 2008, the mock trial competition was featured in Chicago Lawyer Magazine.  At a critical time when a young man’s exposure to the legal system could leave a lasting impression on his life, the young men are able to explore different aspects of the legal profession.  The MTB Mock Trial Competition is another example of how Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. strives to create those “defining moments” for change.  During one mock trial competition, a mentee was seen looking out one of the law firm’s big picture windows at downtown Chicago; it was a spectacular view of Chicago’s skyline.  Imagine what that young man was thinking at that moment.  Perhaps he was thinking, “I could do this; this is possible…”