Another example of MTB’s effort to help young men get the right start in life and creating those defining moments to inspire change is when we host our annual college tours.  In collaboration with local high schools and colleges, Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. have been able to secure resources that allowed its members to participate in a 3 day college tour.  The college tour generally starts on a Thursday and end on Saturday.  During this 3-day college tour, members on occasion are assigned to a dorm room; are matched with mentors (e.g. college students).  Members are matched with college students based on their academic interest.  Prior arrangements are made to obtain consents so that the members could attend classes with their mentor.  Periodically throughout the day, the members also participate in workshops generally facilitated by the new student admissions department the financial aid office, and mentors where the college tour is being hosted.  The workshops provide information to assist the member in applying to college, applying for financial aid, as well as fostering dialog that would encourage the member to think about his future.  Members also have an opportunity to dine in the student cafeteria, access the student library, participate in social recreational activities such as engage in sport activities at the student recreation center as well as bowling at the Student Center.