Male College Students – College-Based Mentoring


MTB Minority Leadership Group

MTB Minority Leadership Group is a mentor program for male junior and senior high school students who are interested in college. This program assigns college students who are mentors to MTB members. These mentors assist MTB members with the application process and offer the students’ perspective on college life. MTB members are able to experience college life through ongoing interaction with his mentor. Mentors meet with their mentee weekly; they assist the mentee by facilitating weekly study groups, participate in group and one on one social activities.  MLG also assist in the coordination of the annual college tours.

Purpose: To expose MTB members to the possibilities that exist if they considered attending college. This program provides the necessary information to assist MTB members with applying to college; allows MTB members to experience college life, provide an opportunity for juniors and seniors to exhibit leadership and service through voluntarism.


Local High Schools
Local Universities, Colleges, and 2 year Colleges
Local Community Youth Centers

The concept of “College-based Mentoring” is an innovative approach to mentoring youth in high school. College students who have acknowledge their role in helping high students transition to the next level academically donate their time, energy, and resources as mentors. Imagine the impact such a service can have on young men at-risk in local high schools. By forming collaborative partnerships with the community (i.e. other youth centers and local high schools), Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. has been able to establish group mentor programs to assist in teaching life skills and tutoring sessions as well as one to one mentor relationships, which has been beneficial in helping its members learn good study habits, participate in healthy productive relationships that could foster positive behavior, lessen the anxiety around moving towards independence; and applying to colleges or pursuing a trade.

MTB is not your typical mentoring program. MTB is a college based mentoring program focused on our mentees needs and helping them to overcome obstacles to achieving their personal goals. Whether that means attending parent-teacher conferences, celebrating birthdays, going to sporting events, or simply providing a listening ear during tough times, MTB mentors become fully integrated into the lives of MTB members. Indeed, every May, mentors can be found traveling across the country to attend the college graduations of  MTB members whom they have mentored since high school or in some cases earlier. It is that long-term commitment, integration, and consistency that helped make MTB so unique.

Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. is currently looking for mature, serious minded male college students who are interested in becoming a mentor to young men in need of guidance. Applicants must be willing to meet with their mentee at least twice a week, have regular weekly contact, participate in group mentoring projects; and assist in planning, organizing and implementing youth development related programming aimed at helping young men get the right start in life.  If you would like to join our cause and are a male college student and is interested in starting an MTB program at your school contact us at Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. We can provide you with support and technical assistance in starting a local MTB mentoring program.