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Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring is reaching a high-risk group of adolescents who are likely to face multiple problems in school and at home, and these adolescents have little confidence in themselves. These young people are often growing up in difficult circumstances, with families struggling financially and/or with parents who are unavailable or unable to provide needed support. Mentors believe they have been particularly successful in helping youths overcome such problems as having negative feelings about themselves, skipping school, and poor grades. Analysis of survey findings shows that mentoring is more likely to be successful when the relationship endures at least two years, and when the mentor engages in a wide range of activities and offers guidance for the young person. An example of constructive activities includes participating in college tours, or other activities that could foster personal growth and development.  Some of the ways you could assist Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. include:

College-Based Mentoring


Professional Mentoring


Financial Support